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Tavita Barbasco Plus

Tavita Barbasco Plus
Tavita Barbasco Plus
90 tablets
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Barbasco Plus assists hormone balance, and increasing DHEA levels. Barbasco Plus is for women and men over 35. Barbasco Plus is beneficial for: Aging, osteoporosis, muscles and joints, the menopause and the cardiovascular system. Vitality and joy of life, libido, the skin, stress, sleep, memory, the immune system...

Best effect when used with Tavita's MultiMax and OmegaMaxE.

NB! Should not be used during pregnancy or breast-feeding, or anyone with hormone related forms of cancer (breast, uterus, prostate) without the advice of a doctor.

1 tablet daily

Content one daily dosage:
25 mg Barbasco
60 mg Vitamin C
100 mg Green tea
25 mg Druekjerne
25 mg Gurkemeierot

Pack size:
90 tablets (3 months use)
Produced by: CITYWEB